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12/5/00:Posted A Christmas Carol to Stories.
6/28/00:Posted Romeo and Juliet to Plays.
4/3/00:Posted Children of Lir to Stories along with commentary about the Three Sorrows.
3/5/00:Added "In Progress" link to current stories in progress.
2/15/00:Joined Teacher's Net WebRing.
1/25/00:Posted Godmother Death to Stories.
1/22/00: Added Bibliography and Amazon.com Association.
1/15/00: Moved whole site to amergin.net, consolidating Amergin Press and the CDYT WebRing in one domain. Posted Scene 3 of Beauty and the Beast.
7/15/99: Reset counter after 1000 visitors and created update mailing list.
5/16/99: Added Morna MicCormac to Stories.
3/26/99: Added Diamonds & Serpents to the Stories section.
3/1/99: Joined the Educational Resources Ring.
2/19/99: Second scene of Beauty and the Beast posted.
2/12/99: Entered Fairy Tales, Folklore and Mythology Ring.
2/7/99: Added new graphics and created space for first scenes from Beauty and the Beast.
1/29/99: Revised Home Page to load more quickly and added Rings and Links page.
1/21/99: Entered queue of the Fairy Tale, Folk Tale and Mythology Webring
1/6/99: Joined Creative Drama & Youth Theatre Webring as a founding member.
12/28/98: Crane Maiden posted in Stories.