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Stories contained in the "Stories to Dramatize" section are copyrighted by the Amergin Press. Permission is granted to download, print and photocopy the story in its entirety. You may not omit the copyright information nor revise, reformat, or alter the story in such a way as to claim ownership.

You may make whatever use you see fit of an Amergin story in the context of creative drama, including developing an original play based on the story for presentation. If you do ultimately develop a performance piece from an Amergin story, you must credit the source of the story as follows: "Based upon <Story Title> published by Amergin Press: www.amergin.net"

A partial list of things you may NOT do without prior written permission from Amergin Press:

  • Link directly to a story from another web site (bandwidth theft will not be tolerated). Link only to the main page (www.amergin.net) if you want to link to Amergin.
  • Print hardcopies of a story for distribution in any format other than within the context of a creative drama exercise (e.g. in a collection of children's stories).
  • Create a commercial production based on the story for recording or broadcast.
  • Archive the story in another web site.

These stories are here as a resource for leaders of Creative Drama groups to use, but they remain the property of Amergin Press.

However you may try to justify it, violation of copyright is theft.

Since practically all spiritual traditions enjoin their followers not to steal, if you decide to willingly violate Amergin's copyright you are ultimately answerable to your conscience and whatever deity or deities you believe in (this is not to say, by the way, that Amergin will not pursue earthly remedies if we discover copyright violations).

If you are uncertain if a use is appropriate, ASK (the worst we could say is "No").

Classical Cuttings
A text version of a classic play is available for $10.00 US. Click here to email an order request. The text will be emailed to you in RTF format, ready to be printed, copied and used in your production.

Please remember that although these plays are in the public domain, the cuttings presented here are not. As with the stories, we rely upon the tendency of most people to be honest by placing full copies of the text on line for review prior to purchasing. Acts of theft are a matter for you and your conscience to deal with.

Additional supporting material (pre-formatted programs, staging suggestions, etc.) are available at an additional charge. Please inquire for availability and pricing.

Original Plays
Use of a play requires payment of a royalty based upon the specifics of the production. Since there is currently no complete play available, this point is a bit academic at this time. Details will be forthcoming upon posting of a complete play.

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