What is creative drama? "Creative Drama" as it is in contemporary use was a term coined by Winifred Ward to describe the activity of children in her classroom as they developed spontaneous, original pantomimes and plays from stories they were told. See the Links Page for creative drama resources.

What are the costs for this service? There is no charge to access this site or to read any material online.  Specific information about use of each story, skit, and play is included with the text.  Stories may be used freely. 

If you produce a piece which is performed, we ask that you send a picture to us to put in our gallery.  Skits may be used in a classroom or other non-public setting at no cost.  If you perform a skit for an audience (this includes other classes or parents) we request you pay a nominal royalty for use of the material. See the individual skits for details.

Full length plays for young audiences require payment of a production royalty. This is based on the total number of performances.

Can I pay online? No, this is a remarkably small scale operation.  Please email your intention to perform a piece and payment instructions will be sent back to you.

Could I present
an Amergin Press play without paying?

Yes.  You could also duck out of a restaurant without paying for your meal, break a shop window to steal a CD you've been wanting, or burglarize a home for money, jewelry, and electronics.  In all cases, you would be a thief. 

It is the view of the Amergin Press that most people are by nature honest and want to do the right thing; therefore, we depend upon our customers to act responsibly when using our copyrighted material.  If you choose to do otherwise, ultimately you will be answerable to your own conscience and whenever deity or deities you believe in.

What about the web design service?

For a sample of our design service, please see our Links page to view sites we have designed.  In brief, we offer a very basic design service at a low price to allow small, non-technically oriented organizations to establish a web presence at the lowest possible cost. 

The Amergin Press does not function as a webmaster nor do we maintain web sites after initial launch; however, part of our program is to tailor a maintainable site for the organization.

Who is Amergin?

Amergin (Ah-MER-gin) was the first mortal bard of Erin.  His magic enabled the Milesians to conquer the DeDanaan people who inhabited Ireland before the mortals arrived. 

When the Milesian fleet of ships first landed, they advanced to Tara, seat of the DeDanaan rulers.  The Kings requested three days to consider whether to leave, submit, or fight.  Amergin agreed (The Judgment of Amergin, the first judgment delivered in Ireland) that the Milesians must not take the island by surprise.  The Milesians returned to their ships and withdrew to a distance of nine waves from the shore.

Upon their withdrawal, storm and mist rose to hide the island and fierce winds threatened the fleet.  Determining that the storms were of magical origin (there was no storm aloft at the top of the mast), Amergin sang the INCANTATION TO THE LAND OF IRELAND which caused the island to rise up and break through the storm.  When the Milesians reached the coast again, Amergin stepped onto the shore and spoke THE SONG OF AMERGIN.  With this enchantment, he forever secured a foothold for mortals on the isle of Erin.

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