So, you're involved with CD/YT but you don't have web page:

Have You Considered Creating One?

Seriously. If you're here, you probably have all of the software and hardware that you would need to put up a page of your own.

Think about it... What if every person who used drama in the classroom took just one favorite lesson plan, posted it onto a web site, and then linked that site into a webring? How many more people could make use of creative drama with the availability of freely shared lesson plans, ready to use in their classroom? This is the kind of network that the web has an unlimited potential to create.

It's a wonderful thing to have you here because you are interesting in using Creative Drama or have a Youth Theatre group. Take the extra step and share what you are doing with like minded people (you'll be amazed at what happens).

For additional information, visit the CD Lesson Plan Template Page.

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Ready to create a page? Click here and sign up for free web storage space and access to a library of web design resources (trust me on this, jump in and go for it... you work with kids doing theatre, you can handle learning a little technical material about the web on the fly).