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For those who are unfamiliar with the mailing list concept
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A mailing list is operated from a central location (in this case and When you sign up, you provide the center with your email address and a password. You then request to be subscribed to the appropriate list.

List members send messages concerning the list topic to the center where the message is routed to all subscribed members. You are then sent messages either as they are posted or every so often in a digest (a digest will contain between ten and twenty messages posted over a period of time). You may also post material back to the list.

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to connect directly with like minded people on the net. Be sure to keep your welcome message which will be sent when you subscribe, it will contain directions about revising your subscription and other important information about the list.

On to the Lists!

The Creative Drama List

This is an unmoderated (posts are not reviewed before being set to the group) list intended for teachers and leaders of Creative Drama to exchange ideas, lessons, resources, questions, problems, or anything else related to CD. The rules are simple:

  1. No flames. Period. Violators will be removed and barred at once.
  2. The topic is Creative Drama, Please stay on point (repeated off topic posters will be warned then removed). Personal material which is a bit afield is acceptable if related to your CD work. Use your best judgment; HOWEVER,
  3. NO forwards of chain email, jokes, urban legends, ASCII art, virus alerts, spam or other junk mail (unless you've built a CD lesson around internet junk and are including it as source material).
  4. Please don't attach files to messages unless absolutely necessary (again, some readers don't accept them). Include supporting text (e.g., a story) in the body of the message if possible.
  5. Treat others with respect, share, and play nice.
  6. This is NOT a Youth Theatre list (see below).

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The posting email address is:
(only subscribers may post to the list)

Please post in plain text not HTML as many readers cannot interpret HTML properly (especially in the digests).

Feel free to send a brief introduction about yourself and your CD work to the list (your name, your location, the type of CD work you do with what age group, etc.).

Lurking (subscribing to the list without participating) is fine, but participation is strongly encouraged (yes, we DO want to hear about that great storybook you discovered or how you handled a classroom crisis).

This list is owned by the Ringmaster of the CDYT WebRing.
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The Youth Theatre List

Directors, writers, teachers, performers involved in youth theatre, community theatre, Drama in Education. Discuss problems, ask for advice, find tutors or scripts, lesson plans, publicity whatever....

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youth_theatre archive

An e-group hosted by

From the list owner:

There seems to be no groups dedicated to Youth Theatre, so hey, now there is! Let's see if we can get this group going!!

My name is Bindi and I live in NSW, Australia.
I have been involved in Youth Theatre for 16 years. I started as a rabbit and now direct, design and write.

Surely there must be more people like me out there???

The YT list owner may be reached at:

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