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Scripts with small casts, mature themes and great classics. Drop by and exchange a link.

The drama educator's professional organization. Excellent links section.

This site contains lesson and unit plans and teaching ideas that are tied to the latest National Standards for Theatre Education.  At present there are over 1000 proven lessons linked to the standards.

A comprehensive annotated index of on line research resources for theatre scholars

If it's significant literature and it's public domain, it's here or in the queue to be entered.  THE online library of public domain classics.

Vast resource for drama education. Site is based in Western Australia and contains many Australian links.

An NYC Toursite with a series of links to Broadway theatre history (Thanks, Emily).

Amergin Designed Sites

Transpersonal WebRing
Ring linking transpersonally oriented sites.

The J.P. Pitoc Worsihp Page
A fan website for the actor.

May I suggest...

This is a slightly eclectic list of sites I like and use as resources. They're here because I use them and like them. Drop a note if you'd like more details about someone.

Jewlery by Da'oud

Mike and I wear the top center style ring in sliver. The garland of Oak leaves represents the circle of Oaks, planted in ancient Druid times. Like the gathering of one's relatives at a ceremony, the Oak circle invokes all one's ancestors. Such a powerful blessing could be applied to many endeavors from a marriage to an initiation for a new path for one's life. Da'oud is a rare thing in this modern world; a skilled craftsman with an unyielding commitment to quality. Take a look.

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