Adding a site to the Creative Drama & Youth Theatre WebRing

Welcome to the New CDYT Ring through Ring Surf.

Step 1: Save the Graphics

There are 3 graphic files that you must save to your local drive. Point your cursor over the image and right click; select "Save picture as" (or "Save image as"). DO NOT RENAME THE FILE (including the case of the letters) OR YOUR RING CODE FRAGMENT WILL NOT FUNCTION CORRECTLY.





Step 2: CDYT WebRing site submission form.

Please fill out the application below completely. Once the form is completed and submitted you will receive an email with a customized HTML fragment. This fragment has been automated to include your email address and name. All you have to do is cut & paste it into the HTML on your page.  The fragment should go on the same page as the URL you have submitted.

Once you submit this request you have fourteen days to get the fragment installed. Please be ready to make the changes to your page before you submit.

Submit a site to Creative Drama and Youth Theatre
Site Title:
Site URL:
If you plan to put the Ring HTML Fragment on a page other than the Site URL above, you MUST enter the URL of the page the Ring HTML Fragment/Code will appear on your website also:
Site Owner:
EMail Address:
Year of Birth:
(ie: 1999)
By law, we cannot collect personal information on anyone under the age of 13. Because of this we do not allow anyone 13 or under to Join a RingSurf Net Ring, or become a Ringmaster, and thus we are forced to ask you to specify your birthdate. If you are under the age of 14, you may not become a member of RingSurf. You may use the Ring Directory and use any existing ring, you just may not start a new ring, or add your website to an existing ring. See our privacy statement if you have any questions on how we handle your personal data.
Site Description:

Step 3: Install the Fragment

You'll receive an email from WebRing which includes an HTML fragment cutomized for you rsite. Copy the text of the custom fragment to your local directory (we suggest you create a folder on your desktop to keep track of all of the Ring files). Save the graphics files to your web host (DO NOT link directly to the graphics on this site; our host takes bandwidth theft very seriously and will notify your ISP).

Paste the code into your page. Be sure that it is the same page you listed in the sign up section above (a CLEARLY labled "Webrings and Links" is acceptable, but I prefer that the Ring visitor arrive on the page with the fragment). You will not be added to the Ring if your fragment cannot be located.

Drop me a note when your fragment is installed. I check the queue frequently, but letting me know you're ready will speed things up.

You will be notified when your site is added to the Ring (generally this takes about 2 business days). Thanks for your interest and please be sure to let any appropriate sites you know about the CDYT WebRing.



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