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Master Creative Drama Lesson Outline

Concept State general concept area and specific emphasis (e.g., movement: levels of the space).
Goal State the goal of the lesson clearly (e.g., students will use three levels of space to create two different characters).
Materials List all materials required for the lesson (music, objects, pictures, stories, etc.).
Age group State the age group the lesson is intended for. If necessary, briefly state why you think this plan is appropriate for at the interests, abilities and needs of that age group
Organization Describe how you will organize the group in space for each activity (one large circle, small groups, individuals, groups in different parts of the room, etc.).
Control Describe the method or methods you will use to get the group's attention.
Motivate What questions or activity will you use to engage the mind and the feelings of the children?
Present How will you present the idea, situation, or other stimulus to provide the starting point for the activity.
Plan What open-ended questions will elicit action possibilities?

How will you help the class stay focused on their actions?

Act How will you organize the group?

What role will you play during the activity?

What signal will you give to begin?

What signal will you give to end?

Share (if appropriate) How will students share their work with other members of the group?
Evaluate What questions will you ask relating to the objective and, possibly, ways to strengthen expression?

In the meantime, if you're really dying to get going and post your lesson plans, drop me an email and I can send you to some other online resources.